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Understanding the Vibrational State


Unraveling the Neuroscience of the Vibrational State

This article offers a theoretical evaluation within the realm of consciousness studies, focusing specifically on the Vibrational State (VS) and related phenomena such as Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE). The VS, despite its significance, remains relatively unexplored in terms of its neurophysiological underpinnings. The goal is to informally share neurophysiological hypotheses developed from years of observing the VS and OBEs, while also briefly discussing current electroencephalographic experiments and future research plans, which together could inform further investigation in this area.


The article published in Auroricer Vol. 20 provides an overview of preliminary research on the VS, which sheds light on the current limitations in the field. Our objective is to establish a critical framework that recognizes the VS as a distinct neurophysiological state of consciousness, beyond just an experiential one. This discussion, primarily speculative and theoretical, draws inferentially on experimental data and existing knowledge in neuroscience and sleep research.


These insights could have significant implications for future research on neurophysiological models related to the VS and OBEs, including considerations of Isolated Sleep Paralysis (ISP), Lucid Dreaming (LD), and other similar states. We propose that these states might be linked to the brainstem and share common neurophysiological characteristics, despite their distinct phenomenological experiences, and exhibit state-dependent markers.

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Vibrational State



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