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Exploring OBE Phenomenology


OBEs through the perspective of those who have them

Cases of astral travel, also known as the projection of the consciousness or Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs), have been documented by individuals since the beginning of time. Is this phenomenon genuine, or is it a figment of one’s imagination? Are these altered states of consciousness only reserved for exceptional individuals, or are they natural occurrences that can be experienced by anyone? This remarkable collection of extraordinary accounts, with its comprehensive introduction to the subject, takes on these questions and many more.


The 49 accounts gathered in this collection are enlightening and engaging, as they evidence a variety of phenomena and non-physical occurrences. Accounts collected worldwide include projections out-of-the-body of people from all walks of life, from the more seasoned projectors capable of technically inducing their out-of-body experiences, sometimes at will, to those having unexpected and spontaneous occurrences for the very first time.

More extraordinarily, thirteen experiencers of this anthology describe gathering enough information outside the body to confirm their perceptions with relevant and compelling evidence upon their return.


The diversity in the narrative of this compilation exposes the reader to distinct phenomena, such as the vibrational state and others, which can come about when facing such experiences, clarify the phenomena. Within this variety of both authors and accounts, the reader may identify similarities between the subject matter and their own experiences, adding valuable information for the reader.

The out-of-the-body experience – an experiential anthology was deemed "an excellent book for anyone interested in understanding better the dynamics of Out-of-Body Experiences through the experiences of the individuals who have had them".

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