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Out-of-Body Experiential Workshop

The most advanced evidence-based workshop

A Neurophenomenological, Evolutionary and Empirical
approach to Out-of-Body Experiences

Workshop Foundation

Approach: Exploring the subjective and the objective, the workshop provides a neurophenomenological approach to the understanding of OBEs based on established scientific research and empirical consensus.
Transdisciplinary Integration: Merges experimental neuroscience with sleep medicine, psychedelic research, psychological theory, and Western and Eastern knowledge and practices.
Methodology: Emphasizes scientific rigour and a self-critical strategy using a Socratic, question-based didactic.
Training: Delivers evidence-based training supported by laboratory discoveries on gifted subjects to instigate first-hand experimentation.
Design: Design to provide firsthand opportunities for reconnecting to your deeper self, expand self-awareness and self-understanding, and provide concrete knowledge of mechanisms associated with non-ordinary states and their transformative power.
Interactive Elements: Features short video demonstrations and case studies.
Support: Dedicated chat room pre and post-workshop.
Structure and Duration: The workshop unfolds over 3 intensive days (weekend + 1 day) or 4 days (two weekends or four consecutive days), depending on the selected ticket option, offering a transformative journey across 10 hours of first-hand experimentation and 20 hours of theory emphasizing pragmatical aspects of Out-of-Body Experiences.
Expertise: Led by a seasoned neuroscientist and experiencer with sleep medicine specialisation and over 15 years of experience teaching OBE internationally.
Exclusive Experience: The Workshop is limited to just 12 seats for a personalized experience.

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An Expert-Designed Workshop Where Science Facilitates Experience


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Redefining Out-of-Body Experiences

  • Scientific foundations of out-of-body experimentation and psychology.

  • Current OBE theories (40 Theories). Myths and reality.

  • Neurophysiological mechanisms of OBEs.

  • Classification of OBEs and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

  • Energy (as defined in physics), bio-energy, biofield (subtle energy), and morphogenic fields in OBEs.

  • The OBE space/time environment.

  • Vibrations vs the Vibrational State (VS) vs Kundalini.

  • Phenomenology and neurophysiology of the VS.

  • Sleep hygiene for OBEs (e.g., Circadian rhythms, chronotypes, etc).

  • Neuroscience of OBE-onset experiences: a sleep medicine approach to OBE-onset states (20 phenomena).

  • Psychology of OBE-onset states.

  • Memo techniques for OBE-offset (recalling OBEs).

  • Non-ordinary states post-OBEs.

  • In-depth metapsychology of OBE perception, levels of awareness, and theory of OBE lucidity.

  • Types of OBEs (28 types).

  • Life-changing OBEs.

  • 7 characteristics of the metaphysical body (i.e., astral body).

  • Day-1 experiential training: In-depth VS training (4 x) as a state essential to increased OBEs. Applied OBE perception technique and psychomanteum.

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OBEs and Noetic States

  • OBEs induced by non-ordinary states (x 27 states).

  • Neurophysiological, biofield and para-normal mechanisms of OBEs (x 4).

  • An in-depth look at current OBE explanatory models (x 6).

  • Comparative neurophenomenology of autoscopy and remote viewing vs OBEs.

  • Psychedelics vs OBEs. Similarities and differences.

  • Neuropharmacological use for OBE induction.

  • Comparative neurophenomenology of non-ordinary states in hypnosis, mediumship, and self-induced cognitive trance vs OBEs.

  • Types of meditation as limiting or promoting factor of OBEs.

  • Differences between dream types and lucid dreaming vs  OBEs (x 42 differences).

  • Differential diagnostic and neurophenomenology of dissociated states and psychiatric pathologies vs OBEs.

  • Parasomnias vs OBEs.

  • Non-ordinary states of sleep (x 14 states) vs OBEs.

  • Subjective and objective non-ordinary states (x 10 phenomena) in OBEs.

  • OBE spirituality: spiritual encounters, types of communication, and OBE helpers.

  • Life and death, from an OBE perspective.

  • Day-2 experiential training: VS training (4 x), Neurophysiological correlates, phenomenology of OBE-Onset relaxation and psychology. OBE-induction techniques (x 4).

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Evolutionary OBEs

  • Characteristics and Nature of Consciousness in OBEs.

  • Advanced non-dual states in OBEs.

  • Neurophysiological correlates and practical quantifying of states of awakening in and post-OBEs.

  • Brain/consciousness connection, self-development, and evolution from an OBE perspective.

  • Applying OBE knowledge and principles to enhance your waking reality.

  • Persistent OBE-like waking states.

  • Multidimensional ethical standards in OBEs.

  • Mechanisms of karmic-causality, evolution, and OBEs. Where am I from? Why Am I here? Where am I going?

  • Psychology and personality traits of advanced experiencers.

  • Characteristics of evolved extra-physical consciousnesses and OBE theory of evolution.

  • Day-3 experiential training: VS training (x 4), OBE perception techniques, advanced mental techniques, and prompted OBE technique.

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Vibrational State





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