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Experiential Science Redefined

Groundbreaking Consciousness Experimentation


Redefining First Person

Experimental Science

SCI applies a scientific methodology based on a self-critical approach to non-ordinary state experimentation that aims to achieve understanding and insight through a first-hand experiential approach. Objectifying such states is further made possible via a modern neurophenomenological analysis of leading-edge research, knowledge of non-ordinary states of consciousness and a critical analysis of Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs).

Scientific experimentation and personal exploration are bound to evidence-based research designed to expand self-awareness and self-understanding, providing concrete knowledge of mechanisms associated with non-ordinary states while providing you with the ability to constantly instigate their transformative power.

Our workshop and practices are based on neuroscience, sleep medicine, psychedelic research, biological and psychological theory, and Western and Eastern practices. They aim to breach the gap between modern scientific inquiry, groundbreaking research and experimentations embedded in wisdom practices and extraordinary experiences to further unlock the mechanisms of self-transformation, allowing a deeper understanding of our true nature and the nature of reality. Further responding to pressing philosophical questions: Who we are. Where did we come from. Why are we here. Where are we going to.


We need to examine, beyond the spook of subjectivity, the concrete possibilities of a disciplined examination of experience that is at the very core of the phenomenological inspiration. To repeat: it is the re-discovery of the primacy of human experience and its direct, lived quality that is phenomenology’s foundational project.

Francisco Varela

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Out-of-Body Experimental Workshop

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Vibrational State



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