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VIP Coaching

State of the art tailored coaching 

A complete set of state of art technologies you will find nowhere else


Reengineering what VIP is

The VIP coaching Lab is a privately held training harboured at the forefront of the scientific investigation of consciousness. Individuals receive dedicated coaching over 3-days and 3-nights of laboratory experiments using professional neurotechnologies tailored to increase their neuroplasticity and unlock their OBE potential.


Such laboratory experiments aim to instigate your OBE breakthroughs by providing insight into the nature of OBEs and enhancing natural skills, which normally take years to achieve, on your way towards more reliable and repeatable OBE experimentations.

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The coaching is fully tailored and adjustable to your progress and mastery using the following methods and technologies:

  1. Precise multi-focal transcranial Electric Stimulation (tES) with next-generation electroencephalogram enabling brain stimulation of OBE-onset phenomena.

  2. Includes bioenergetic biofield modulation for OBEs during tES.

  3. Professional polysomnography recording coupled with tES or NIR modulation technologies (developed by Gamma Wave Technologies Ltd.) during specific sleep stages to induce OBEs.

  4. Advanced professional 20-channel EEG training and benchmark assessment of "Theta states" for OBE.

  5. transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS) for biohacking and increased deep OBE-onset relaxation.

  6. Breathing techniques for biohacking of norepinephrine pathways.

  7. Complete Vibrational State training and real-time EEG benchmarking of your VS.

  8. Ultra-high image resolution Virtual Reality (VR) technologies for OBE-onset simulation training.

  9. Hypnotic OBE techniques (inc. monaural and binaural beats as an option).

  10. OBE therapy (as optional).

  11. Biohacking enhancement (optional).


* Includes the 3-Days OBE workshop and the VS-101 coaching

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Out-of-body Experimental workshop

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Vibrational State


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