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What does Science know about  Out-of-Body Experiences? 

A webinar experience on the cutting edge of neuroscience and phenomenology

Get a Profound Insight Into OBE Reality


Demystify Out-of-Body Experiences as Natural Phenomena

Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) have been reported since the Bronze Age and registered orally in the folklore and mythologies of ancient societies. What does science know about it today? This presentation will look at the current knowledge gathered in the field since the onset of the 1st laboratory experiments to contemporary theories explaining OBEs. We will further examine research limitations in the field from a phenomenological and neuroscientific standpoint, looking at ongoing experimental experiments by the lecturer and the challenges that researchers face in studying this phenomenon. More so, we will look at the impact that the development of an OBE science would have on society, looking at the psychological shifts it makes on out-of-body experiencers.

The lectures aim to provide you with a general but deep insight into the nature of OBEs. Looking beyond the current explanatory models of OBEs, we will look at common phenomenological aspects associated with OBEs as well as the understanding of OBEs stemming from research in the lab with gifted subjects, which provide novel insights into OBE and models supported by SCI to explain such experiences. Such lectures aim to clarify why such an experience can be considered a natural phenomenon and, although spiritual, a physiologically prompted occurrence reported throughout history. We will be looking, among other things, at:

  • OBE throughout history and the advent of OBE research.

  • Pioneers of OBE Laboratory Research.

  • Phenomenology and neurophysiology of OBEs.

  • Benefits of OBE experimentation (e.g., what could one expect in terms of personal growth exploring OBEs).

  • An exclusive experience for a Personalized, Interactive Journey into OBE Insights with < 30 minutes of questions and answers.

  • Participate and get discounts for the OBE Workshop.

  • Seminar led by a Neuroscientist and Sleep Medicine Specialist.

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