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Vibrational State 101

Self-tuning yourself to higher consciousness

Neurophysiological Quantification and Benchmarking of your Vibrational State


VS-101 Workshop


Lead you to advanced performance 

The core of tantric Tibetan traditions has historically described the ability of meditators to achieve a “forceful” induction of “pulsations of energies” inside the body through practices such as those perceived in Tummo-Yoga meditation. Classical text describing these reveals the “drawing [of] the vital energies” are “brought under control” by “changing energy flows” inside the body. Sensations are described to produce an “all-pervading energy”  leading to “ecstatic” sensations conveying precisely modern practices associated with the induction of the “Vibrational State” (VS). Such powerful practices are often conducive to Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) as portrayed in the Northern wall mural at the Lukhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, from the 17th century depicting both Tummo-yoga (inner fire) and Phowa (transference of consciousness or OBE) associated with such practices. The state is suggestive of an overall activation of the human biofield.

Our neurophysiological research into the induction of the VS in long-term practitioners (see video below) indicates such training enhances high Gamma waves - brain waves associated with insight and high brain internetwork connectivity. More so, our current research suggests the state has similar EEG characteristics and phenomenology than reported in some N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) experiences.

Northen Wall Mural - Lukhang Temple - Lhasa Tibet 17th.jpg

The objectives of this 101 workshop are to:

  1. To practically enhance your ability to achieve the VS by providing direct 101 technical guidance.

  2. To improve your interoceptive knowledge through the energetic attunement of your biofield, providing you with more objective insights into how to achieve such a state (level of activation of your biofield) and, as such, your performance.

  3. Guide you through practical and phenomenological differences between the VS and the perception of vibrations (13 x phenomena) during conducted exercises.

  4. Clarify the differences between Kundalini Awakening and the VS, seen as a controlled and secured activation of the Kundalini.

  5. Assess the neurophysiological correlates of your VS with a 16-channel professional electroencephalogram, quantifying and statistically benchmarking your VS against the ones of long-term meditators with more than 25 years who consistently achieve the VS, improving your autogenic training.  

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Out-of-body Experimental Workshop




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Mentorship Lab

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